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Date(s) - 10/09/22
11:15 am

Hare Krishna Temple of Austin



All rules and guidelines are still in place. (Face mask, social distancing, etc.)

At this time, you can visit to see Deities only on Sunday’s from 11:30 a, to 3:00 pm – This is only possible if you complete RSVP. It is FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE. Once a specific time slot is full, you will have to select another time.

  • Masks (facial covering) are to be worn when coming to the temple. Please bring your own mask or face covering. Without mask (face covering), you will not be allowed to enter temple room. Everyone age 5 and over is required to have a face mask (covering).
  • Social distancing is strictly maintained and enforced. We have signs (marks on the floor) for devotees to stand on (one spot for one family) until the next space is available. Signs are also provided before entering the temple.
  • Families with children MUST keep their children close to them. We Strongly recommend families with kids to not visit the temple or visit it understanding all the risks.
  • if you are over 65 years of age, we recommend that you avoid visiting the temple.
  • If there are visitors entering the temple and the line is extended, please wait in your vehicle to avoid crowding.
  • Illness, infection, close contact, symptoms as described on page: https://iskconhouston.org/VisitRSVP are highly important.

While in temple, follow social distancing rule, refrain from handshaking/hugs with other devotees.

  • The temple doors will be kept open to encourage no-touch entry and exit.
  • Inside temple room, please do not offer obeisance lying on the floor to Our Deities. Please pay your obeisances in your mind and remain standing throughout the temple room.
  • There is a decal (on floor) in front of each Deity and devotees (and family members) are requested to use that mark to pay standing obeisances to Deities. Please limit the time you stand in front of each Deity for the benefit of other congregation members. Please don’t pay your obeisances on floor.
  • There will be no flower or Charanamitra available near the Deities at this time.
  • Once you have taken the darshan of our Deities, please exit from the door next to deities and be sure to maintain social distancing.
  • No assembling (gathering) is allowed in the temple or parking lot once you leave altar area. Everybody is being requested to swiftly leave the temple premises after Darshan to accommodate the next group devotees.
  • Carryout prasadam containers will be available for you to take home with. There will be one prasadam box per family. Only dry prasadam will be served until Aarti is over ( till 1:30). Main prasadam will be served from 1:30 to 2:00 pm.
  • Anyone, from any background, religion or ethnicity, is welcome to enjoy the free vegetarian feast.

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